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Accounting Consultation

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Streamline your financial processes for efficiency and accuracy. Whether you're setting up your accounting system for the first time or looking to improve an existing setup, I offer comprehensive services. By evaluating your current system, optimizing workflows, and documenting the processes, I can ensure your system functions seamlessly. This engagement typically spans 1-3 months, equipping you with the knowledge to maintain it independently or to support your outsourced or in-house accounting team.

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Complete critical accounting projects with precision and efficiency. Sometimes, you require a skilled professional who can swiftly tackle complex tasks. With my extensive experience in corporate accounting, auditing, and business, I offer dedicated support for specialized projects. From cash-to-accrual conversions to financial reporting for M&A transactions to multi-year clean-up/catch-up, I can be the agile and autonomous resource you seek.

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Find the right accounting talent for your business. Hiring individuals with both technical expertise and cultural fit is crucial. As an expert in accounting, I can conduct technical interviews for potential hires, whether they're employees or outsourced professionals. Avoid the costly mistake of onboarding the wrong person by leveraging my expertise. Please note that this service is available only when combined with another service and typically lasts 1-3 months, depending on your sourcing and recruitment process.

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