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- I.M. Pei

Collaborate w/ a Business Thought Partner!



Hello there! I'm Tiffany and I have spent the last 10 years learning how to start, grow, and sell a business.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with an "I can do this all by myself" attitude and thought that the only way to success was meeting problems head-on and figuring things out on my own.

Well, that attitude slowed the growth of my business and reinforced a negative belief that the road to success was only paved in frustrations, doubts, exhaustion, and burnout.

But, I can tell you right now, that is not how it has to be! 

Every business owner can achieve a faster momentum toward their goals by breaking through their business problems quicker and with better results by working with a Business Thought Partner!

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You, as a business owner, know of a problem in your business or you feel like there is a problem in your business, but you can't quite pinpoint a solution to move forward with.


Maybe it's because you don't want to make the wrong move, maybe you haven't defined the problem enough yet to even consider a solution, or maybe you just have too many options and not enough time to think about it. Usually these kinds of problems are ruminating in your mind because you believe that you are either losing money, time, or opportunity with each day that the problem remains unsolved.


This is when working with Business Thought Partner is useful.


The goal of a Business Thought Partner is to help you arrive at a solution to your problem in half the time, as compared to how long it would take if the problem continued to weight on your mind and your mind alone.

"A Business Thought Partner interacts 1-on-1 with business owners to address a real-time and specific business problem in a closed and confidential working session."

The types of problems discussed in these sessions can vary, as does the role that the Business Thought Partner plays in these interactions in order to help the business owner get to a solution in half the time that it would likely take for them to arrive there on their own.


Below are some examples of the type of roles that a Business Thought Partner may take on during an 1-on-1 session:


  • A sounding board to listen to your thoughts of the problem and help you organize your ideas so you may achieve clarity.


  • A non-judgmental and non-biased individual with experience and expertise in business who is outside of your company, so you can safely discuss the state of your business and your concerns regarding it as context to the issue you are dealing with.


  • A collaborator to problem-solve with and who provides a new perspective on the problem and is also willing to challenge your assumptions so you can be assured that you have fully considered all angles of the solution before acting upon it.


  • A strategist/advisor to help you out of an "you don't know what you don't know" situation by providing information and insights to empower you to take action or gain momentum toward solving the problem.


The most successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with a village of people to support them. So, this is to say that while there may be some overlap between a Business Thought Partner and the more commonly known support roles listed below, a Business Thought Partner can be a valuable addition to a business owner's village along side other resources too.




Business Coaches can be experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who provide personalized guidance and customized advice to other business owners to help them reach their goals. The focus of a business coach is often times to work with the entrepreneurs to help them define their vision, set strategies, navigate challenges, and to hold the owner accountable to smaller step goals that lead up to their broader business goals through multiple meetings over a period of time.


As compared to a business thought partner, the focus of a business thought partner is the problem solving process of their client, the business owner, and reaching a solution to a specific and current challenge that their client is facing today. While multiple sessions may be needed, depending on the size and complexity of the identified issue, usually the solution to the problem at hand is developed within one session.



Thought Leaders are experts in a specific industry, company or society. Usually you find thought leaders sharing their knowledge and ideas about the future opportunities and threats of the areas they have expertise in from a platform that can reach a broad audience.


As compared to a business thought partner, a business thought partner tend to focus on more real-time and specific business issues unique to their client in a 1-on-1 personalized session.




Mentors give advice and guidance to their mentees or proteges based on their own experiences in business. Relationships with mentors can be both formal or informal what can develop into a wonderful professional and interpersonal relationship that helps the mentee/protege recognize their own potential, while receiving information and advice that can allow them to reach their business goals sooner.


As compared to a business thought partner, the power dynamic of the relationship between a business thought parter and their client is more balanced, whereas the relationship feels more like a conversation with a peer who empathizes with them rather than a mentor-protege or teacher-student type of relationship.



Licensed Therapists are medical professionals who evaluates, diagnose and treats people for emotional and mental disorders or issues.


As compared to a business thought partner, a business thought partner's conversation with their clients regarding a business owner's emotional and mental state is solely for the purpose of using that information as it relates to and provides context for solving the specific business problem presented for the session.


Therefore, a business thought partner  is no substitute for the expertise and help from a licensed therapist.


(right before engaging w/ a Business Thought Partner)


I just hired a marketing firm, but I feel like I'm wasting my money b/c I'm not clear as to what I want so they end up following mixed messages. I need to get what I'm thinking out of my head and in a way so someone else can understand it and follow it. 


Something in my business isn't working right and I just don't know what. It's simply not how I want things done. Maybe it's not one thing, maybe it's many things. I just don't know... but things can't keep going on this way.


I know I need to change how I price my services, but haven't made a move yet because I'm not sure which direction is right. There are so many options and a wrong move can drop my revenue. But I have to make a change, and soon.