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For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

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Financial Management

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Accounting Consultation

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Business Advisory


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  Tiffany Kao, CPA  

My first business was one BIG experiment to teach myself how to run a business. 

I failed often, got back up only to failed again.

Five years in, I continued to find plenty of evidence that I wasn't born to be an entrepreneur. Nothing came easy and I was terrible at most of everything.

Yet, I stuck with it and around the end of that five-year mark, things started to "click".

As a career accountant/CPA, I may have been familiar with numbers. But as a business owner, I started to understand numbers.

More importantly, I figured out how to leverage numbers to help me making operational decisions and to measure the progress of strategic plans so I could see how I was doing to make relevant adjustments in my course.

My strategic plan was quite simple. It was to build my company into a sellable business. 

And, in the 8th year of my business, I sold the company.

Now, I enjoy working 1-on-1 with owners who also have the goal to sell their businesses in the future. I do the same for them as I once did for my own business, which is to use numbers to figure out what levers to pull and which buttons to push in their business to get them to the goal of selling one day or to simply be the owner of a great business until they are ready to exit.

I love what I do and hope to I get the chance to work with you soon!



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Business Accounting for Business Owners 

Walk away with a clear picture of what an effective and scalable day-to-day accounting operation looks like so that you can adopt it for your business today.
Gain an understanding of how to hire others to do the accounting work for you but still be in control without being pulled into the weeds.
Learn how to read your financial reports as a business owner and to transform the numbers into actionable business strategies.

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Tysons Corner, VA

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The Business Behind
Small Business Podcast

Tiffany Kao and Sevana Stone co-host this podcast to talk about all the nitty-gritty business behind small businesses.

With over 40+ years of business experience between them and an intimate insight into the "back office" operations of more than 300 businesses, Tiffany and Sevana cover wide range of business topics that gives insider knowledge, advice, tips, and strategies to help business owners succeed.

Episodes are released 2x a month. Check them out here.

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