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"Let's un-complicate 

Accounting for the

small business owners!"


Accounting Consultant & Business Strategist

 The Mission 

Our mission is to help small business owners un-complicate their business accounting so they can leverage it to grow their company. Too often, business owners leave this nebulous part of their company to "specialists" or simply do it themselves, believing it's a transactional function of little value or the experts their hired will not only do the work for them, but also proactively and intuitively translate accounting information into useable business strategies - which isn't true 99% of the time.


Our goal is to empower small business owners with the knowledge to standup, streamline, and leverage the accounting of their business and to bridge the gap between number-crunching and strategy-making.



Business Accounting for Business Owners 

Walk away with a clear picture of what an effective and scalable day-to-day accounting operations looks like so that you can adopt it for your business today.
Gain an understanding of how to hire for others to do the accounting work for you but still be in control without being pulled into the weeds.
Learn how to read your financial reports as a business owner and to transform the numbers into actionable business strategies.

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Tysons Corner, VA

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The Business Behind
Small Business Podcast

Tiffany Kao and Sevana Stone co-host this podcast to talk about all the nitty-gritty business behind small businesses.

With over 40+ years of business experience between them and an intimate insight into the "back office" operations of more than 300 businesses, Tiffany and Sevana cover wide range of business topics that gives insider knowledge, advice, tips, and strategies to help business owners succeed.

Episodes are released 2x a month. Check them out here.

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Hello, I'm Tiffany.

I consider myself a business owner first, who happens to be highly experienced in business accounting.

My first company was my training ground to being a business owner. I started it from scratch, bootstrapped it, onboarded one client at a time, recruited, hired, and trained each employee, learned painful lessons about people who work for you and who buy from you, challenged myself to streamline my operations and productize my services to be competitive and attractive for an exit by M&A, and spent hundreds of hours reading and learning about how to be a great business owner and a good leader of my company.

My career and business have both allowed me to work with over 100+ companies, ranging from from startups to 8-figures, to stand up, optimize, and streamline their accounting functions.

I love the creativity, grittiness, and raw perseverance of small business owners and I want to do whatever I can to help launch, grow and sustain a business for the hard working business owner. 


This is why I'm THRILLED to be able to combine both my accounting expertise and business mindset to help other business owners make sense of what is often seen as an ugly necessity in their business and a constant source of headaches. Not only can I help alleviate the the immediate and future problems of their business accounting operations, I hope to show business owners how they can leverage this part of their business into practical growth strategies for their company. 

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